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How many emails are too much?

You probably want to incorporate email campaigns into your marketing strategy but you're probably too worried about filling up people's inbox. People signed up for your email list because ding ding ding they WANT to hear from you (plus they probably wanted that nice incentive you gave them to sign up). The content strategy and cadence will ultimately depend on your industry, business goals, and brand style but choosing to not send emails because you're worried about bothering people (who signed up willingly for your list) is doing your brand a disservice. Today we'll take a look at 3 kinds of email campaigns to send to drive traffic and conversions...without being spammy.

Short and Sweet Bite-Sized Content

Generate excitement and interest with your products by providing your audience with informational, bite-sized content that will drive engagement and educate your subscribers. Subscribers are more likely to engage with your content if you aren't always promoting or being salesy. Pair informational content with promoting your products and subscribers can be informed while also have the option to shop your products. Some examples of this can include skincare routines if you sell skincare items, tips to training your dog if you sell pet products, or styling guides if you sell apparel. Try introducing this to your audience at least 1-2 times per month.

High-Traffic Campaigns

Introduce new products to your subscribers or collaborations you may be featured in to drive traffic to your website. Increasing the LTV (life time value) comes from getting customers to come back to your website. One of the ways to do so is by introducing new products or new things your brand is doing. Some campaigns you can use here is company updates for example if you have a new partnership, new seasonal collections, announcing a new product that has become a best seller, or even including press highlights. High-traffic campaigns should be sent at least 2 times per month.

Product Promotions

Regularly promoting your products is essential, not just in bulk but individually as well. Announcing all of your products at once can be overwhelming to subscribers, so create campaigns that also highlight your bestsellers or specific collections. Product promotion campaigns can use discounts or incentives to get subscribers to convert. It typically takes a visitor seeing your product at minimum 7 times before purchasing so keeping your products top of mind is key. These campaigns should be implemented in your weekly cadence, promoting at least 2 products or collections each week.

If you need more inspiration, just go to one of your favorites brands website and sign up for their email newsletter. You'll notice they are sending out emails frequently and aren't shy of getting into their subscribers inbox.

Already sending email campaigns? Let us know below some of your highest converting campaigns.


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