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BFCM Planning Starts Now! Phase 1 Planning To-Do List

This is your last year of waiting until the last minute to plan for 'Black Friday Cyber Monday' promotions! It may seem scary to plan so early in advance, but the best retailers are getting started NOW, and the good thing is; you're getting ahead of the game too. If you want a successful holiday season, it's imperative that you lay the foundation now.

Here are some things you need to be doing from July - September to get prepared. Stay tuned, because I'll be helping you out along the way to make sure you have the most prepared and greatest BFCM strategy ever. Most of the items on this to-do list are related to email/sms marketing since that is going to be the most effective way to reach the people who are most likely to buy from you during BFCM.


- Build your email subscriber list. An email list is an owned channel, which means your brand owns the data - unlike social media and their constant switch-ups to the algorithm. Owning this data is imperative because you know who is interested in your brand, can collect data on your subscribers, and can market to them during the busiest time of the year with email campaigns. Outside of collecting email addresses, make sure you collect their number as well so you can send out SMS messages. Wondering about ways to grow your email list? Sign up forms on your website, Install Interactive Quizzes on your site, Collab with other brands for giveaways, Use a loyalty/referral program is great, or reach out to your community in your FB, Slack, or Discord groups and ask for their email addresses to stay connected.

- Start ideating on your potential BFCM offers and promotions. Do some research. Check to see what other brands have done in the past, see what the latest trends are with promotions, or come up with some of your own creative offers. Understanding your brand as well as your customer is important here because you need to know what your customers typically engage in when it comes to discounts and you need to understand your profit margins.

- Ensure that you have the most important email flows turned on to nurture customer relationships. You don't want to start overloading people with email campaigns and promotions in November, so make sure you start nurturing those subscribers now through these flows: welcome series, abandoned cart series, post-purchase series, and a win-back series. There's nothing worse than having a list full of subscribers and not even nurturing them. Your email list is pure gold!



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