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Are you Thread'n? Learn from Big Retailers like Fashion Nova

Have you started Thread'n yet? Or are you still confused about what it is?

Meta, released the Threads app last week and they've already reached 100M accounts! The Threads app is VERY similar to Twitter so if you've already been using Twitter for your business then this shouldn't be too difficult to navigate.

So what does that mean for an e-commerce merchant like yourself? It's time to get to 'thread'n' 🧵

Take on these strategies that major retailer Fashion Nova is using, if you're still stuck.

Remind your shoppers about the collections you have

Since Fashion Nova's primary audience is women, shoppers can often forget that they also offer Men's items as well. Here's a great place to share different collections that may not be as popular or even new collections that you want to get more visibility around. When you're not consistently staying at the top of your customers' minds they can forget about your many offerings, so keep them posted here!

Engage your community

Creating a space for the ones who support and engage with your brand is the key element for your company to keep evolving. It allows your 'tribe' to interact with you and support you.

Outside of that, this is a free opportunity for you to get feedback on things like new product releases, website feature requests, customer satisfaction, etc.

Allow your customers to do the talking

User-Generated Content (UGC) highlights how customers are experiencing your brand. This ultimately establishes greater trust between potential shoppers and your brand.

You're pretty much letting your customers do the promo for you AND they are real shoppers telling their experience (now this can be a good or a bad thing but let's hope that all of your customers are raving about your brand!

So what do you think?

How are you going to use Threads to engage your audience and grow your brand? Or are you not interested in using it at all? Let us know in the comments!


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