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5 Must Have Email Automations for Ecommerce Merchants

Did you know email marketing generates the highest ROI out of the most common digital channels? Yes, people are still receiving and opening emails! As a business owner, your email list is one of your most prized possessions so make sure you’re using it fully. Not sure what kind of emails to send? No worries, set up an automated series so your emails can be put on autopilot. Here are a few automated emails we think e-commerce merchants should have set up ASAP:

1. Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first email someone receives when joining your mailing list. Your first email you send out should welcome your subscribers and introducing them to your brand. An effective welcome email series should consist of you: welcoming new subscribers, offering an incentive (ex: 10% off to join), set expectations regarding your mailing list, and to inform subscribers of where else they can find and interact with you.

2. Abandoned Cart Series

At least 81% of online shopping carts are abandoned which means there's a lot of money is being missed out on. This is why it's crucial to set up an automated series for abandoned carts to recover the money you're leaving on the table. Typically, there are a series of 3 emails sent out to your customer once a cart is abandoned, sending them out in a 24 hour, 48 hour, and then 72 hour send time. Remind your shoppers what they left behind, show scarcity (ex: only 10 more left), and in the final email incentivize with a discount or free shipping

3. After-Purchase

Sending out an email to your customer post-purchase is an excellent way for you to build a relationship which leads to lifelong loyalty. You'll want to provide information to them regarding their shipping process, when they should expect to receive their order, how to get in contact with support, etc. The after-purchase email doesn't always have to be sent immediately after purchase, it can even be sent 20 days after purchase for a check-in and to see how your customer is enjoying your product

4. Product Review

Product review emails are a great way to get customer feedback and to see how to improve on your business and processes. Sending out this email 14 days after the item was delivered, allows your customer enough time to use the product and share their opinions. Of course not everyone will love your product but at least you'll get honest feedback and can even display your positive product reviews on your website. Positive product reviews are vital for social proof

5. Re-engagement

Over time your subscribers may stop opening your emails or they may haven't purchased in a while. Creating a re-engagement or win-back email can rekindle the interest. Some things to consider with your re-engagement email is to: remind them of who you are, offer a discount for shopping with you again, and kindly inform them they'll be removed from your email list if you don't hear back from them or if they don't make a purchase. Having inactive subscribers on your email list does you no justice.

Have more questions regarding automations or are you interested in our team setting these up for you? Email us at info@ontwelvemgmt for a consultation.


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